Behaviour Therapy (ABA)

Does the teacher call from school and says that your child can't seem to focus and complete a task? Does your child have tantrums at home?  Are you trying your best to discipline your child but it ends up in a shouting match?  
These are some of the issues that Behavioural Therapy can address.

Emotional Therapy (Counselling)

Your child is a good kid but somehow there is always some degree of conflict with either mum, dad, teachers or friends. Is your child short tempered and something small just sets them off? Is your child emotional and sad?  Emotional Therapy can help.

Woman Tutoring Child

Educational Support Therapy (Academic professional)

Does your child put all the effort but still falls behind in school, and they start to hate the subjects and resent the teachers. We offer more than plain old tutoring! Our Educational Support Therapy create specifically tailored and goal-directed action plans and applies academic strategies designed to improve the child’s performance academically.

Family at a Beach

360 Family Support

Mums, dads and siblings all seems to be walking on eggshells. Interactions seems to be getting more difficult. "This is just a phase." This is where we go through family trainings that we will teach parents and siblings to apply specific strategies to manage your child's behaviours at home, in the playground, everywhere beyond your home.

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Cute Girl in Classroom

Additional Support

Kids in Art Class

School Readiness Programs

Nursery School

School Shadowing Support

Holiday Intensive Programs

Boys at School

Social Skills Group

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends
Therapy Session

Parent Support Group

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Psychological Assessments

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