Programs at Littlefoot Developmental Services

School Readiness Programs (TEACCH method)

Using the TEACCH approach, we aim to provide children with the necessary skills to facilitate the transition into school.
Our 360 pillars support the children in their learning and incorporates mainstream school curriculum.
TEACCH method is a structured program that provides individuals with skills to learn, function and achieve their school goals.


Applied Behaviour Analysis is a scientific based method that modifies negative behaviours to help enhance the child’s impeding functional abilities. 

The ABA approach comprises of

  • Basic compliance

  • Attention to task

  • Motor skills

  • Visuo Spatial Skills

  • Social attention

  • Cognitive development

  • Language and Communication

  • Self Help Skills

Emotional Therapy (Counselling)

Our in house counsellor provides guidance and emotional support for children and caregivers.
Emotional therapy addresses issues that negatively impact your child’s growth and development.
Our counsellor typically helps our children become emotionally regulated and happy.

Educational Support Therapy (Academic professional)

This program is offered to students of all ages.This special curriculum helps students rebuild their confidence and gain valuable skills in a supportive environment. Schedule a visit to our school today.

360 Family Support

Families play vital roles in our services as we work closely with you in supporting your child’s progress and development in every aspect (social, emotional etc), It is important to form working partnerships with therapists and case supervisors who will be working closely with your family. Through family trainings you will learn strategies in managing behaviours in your home and extending these skills beyond your home. At Littlefoot we want to better engage parents in their child’s learning journey, to improve their learning outcomes for their children by ensuring that they have all the support they need to succeed.

School Shadowing Support

Shadow support enables the child to be an active learner in their school environment.
We equip the teachers with various strategies to facilitate the child to adapt in school.
The shadow support will help your child to achieve the goals in their IEP by implementing and modifying skills to better suit the school’s curriculum.

Social Skills Group

To provide social engagement in a group setting.
During our social skills group, therapists will observe children closely to assess their interests, current levels of play and any rigid patterns. The students are then equipped with new play skills to apply in a facilitated social setting.
We frequently track every child’s play development to increase successes.

Parent Support Group

At littlefoot we encourage open conversations with our parent support group.
Support groups render healthy parenting skills and an encouraged sense of empowerment and feeling of belonging to help their children on their developmental journey.
Facilitated by our in house counsellor, parent support groups are particularly helpful for parents who may be coping with anxiety or other distress.

Psychological Assessments

Our psychologists are equipped with psychometrics testing tool kits to detect and diagnose developmental delays.

Common assessments include:       

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Global Developmental Delay

  • Social Developmental Delay

Holiday Intensive Programs

For our international clients, Littlefoot provides short term intensive programs during the holiday period.
These programs aim to bridge gaps in behaviours impeding the child’s learning.

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