LittleFoot is an Early Intervention Centre with a Proven Successful Program



Behaviour Therapy

Using Applied Behaviour Analysis, our team of therapists aid in behaviour modification and regulation to alleviate child’s impeding functional abilities. 


Educational Support Therapy

(School Readiness)

Our Bee smart academy programme strives to ease learning gaps and facilitate successfully 

transition into schools


Emotional Therapy


Our team of professional counsellors provide guidance and emotional support for children and caregivers.



Family Support

Case supervisors provide parent and caregiver training to maintain consistency in applying specific strategies to manage  child's behaviours in various settings. 


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School Shadowing Support

Our shadow faciliator provides academic and social support in a school setting.

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Parent Support Group

At littlefoot we encourage open conversations with our parents to facilitate their child’s learning journey.

Holiday Programmes

Day camps, sensory play and more! 

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Psychological Assessments

Our psychologists are equipped with psychometrics testing tool kits to detect and diagnose developmental delays.

Social Skills Group

Students are equipped with new play skills to apply in a facilitated social setting.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do We Help?

We help toddlers/children with developmental delays which affects their social interaction, communication and learning. Children with behavioural issues that impede academic and social interaction and difficulty in mainstream programmes will benefit from individualized and small group interaction.

What are the Benefits of a Centre-Based Therapy?

At our early intervention centre we have an assortment of materials for different needs. We also have and a calm down corner and a reading nook for our children. Your child can also benefit in interacting with other children in our centre.