Educational  Therapy
(School Readiness)

This program is offered to students of all ages. This special curriculum helps students rebuild their confidence and gain valuable skills in a supportive environment.

Using the TEACCH approach, we aim to provide children with the necessary skills to facilitate the transition into school.


Our 360 pillars support the children in their learning and incorporate mainstream school curriculum. TEACCH method is a structured program that provides individuals with skills to learn, function and achieve their school goals.


Common Skills to Gauge your Child's School Readiness

Emotional Skills

  •  Listening to instructions

  • Ability to transit and adapt to new environment

  • Sense of personal identity

  • Recognition of own feelings and ability to manage them appropriately

  • Express feelings 

Cognitive Skills

  • Inquiry and problem solving

  • Attention and Engagement

  • Simple spatial concepts

  • Demonstrate curiosity and willingness to learn

  • Fine motor/gross motor coordination (E.g. holding paintbrush etc.)

Self-Help Skills

  • Ability to eat with appropriate utensils

  • Increase the capacity for dressing

  • Toilet-training

  • Understand safe and unsafe situations

  • Participate in safety routine (e.g. hold adult’s hand outdoors or on stairs)

Social Skills

  • Turn-taking ( E.g. Sharing)

  • Interaction with peers

  • Imitation of gestures, sounds and actions

  • Engage in parallel and or co-operative play

  • Awareness of other children’s feelings (empathy)

  • Conflict resolution and anger management

Does my child need an Educational Therapist?

The overall assumption is that a child is expected to meet all the developmental milestones, with a certain degree of variance, in the preschool and early primary years. As a parent, you need a vigilant eye to ensure your child is not missing these milestones. However, for several reasons, parents may overlook such delays.


Upon noticing any of these learning gaps, the first step of seeking help is often the most difficult one; most parents dismiss the issue simply because they are unaware of which way to turn for help.

Educational therapists, similar to the therapists in LittleFoot, work closely with the child and assist parents in identifying these gaps by developing a customized educational therapy programme aimed at closing these learning gaps.



Postive Reinforcement 

Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective techniques for behaviour modification. At Littlefoot we use positive reinforcement with our children to help them gain confidence, self-worth, and determination to persevere in every step of their educational journey.

We use it to encourage good behaviours, like sharing toys or following directions. Alternatively, we use it to prevent misbehaviour, like hitting and rule violations.  Positive reinforcement can also be an effective way to encourage and motivate children to complete their daily routines and meet with behaviour expectations


Learning Styles 

Every child has a unique learning style. At LittleFoot we identify each child's strengths and weaknesses to formulate a customised programme that meets different learners needs.

Educational therapy works on school readiness, which is a specialised intervention to help children with emotional, social and self-help skills. Children with learning delays can enhance their academic abilities with the right guidance and support. Therapy sessions aim to bridge gaps between the child’s learning and the school curriculum.


Suitable Academic Support 

Children need love, encouragement, and support in everything they do. For children to achieve academically, they require realistic academic goals and motivation to learn. It is essential to remember that every child is different. 


At LittleFoot, we help children who have test anxiety, poor time management and an aversion towards demanding subjects become academically proficient by setting attainable goals and clear expectations. Our subject specialists are trained to provide extra academic support to build a stable foundation.


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