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Why Do We Choose ABA Therapy?


Evidence based approach


Short Structured Sessions


Clear quantifiable goals


Fast results in a short time


We provide home based and centre based sessions in Singapore. Our individualised program addresses behaviours in different domains and breaks down learning to learn skills. 

Our comprehensive applied behaviour analysis program covers attention to task, motor skills, cognitive development, language and communication, social skills and theory of mind.

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Attention to Task

Building a solid foundation in focus and attention to tasks will enable your child to be an efficient learner.

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Language and Communication

Supporting your child in their ability to communicate is important to help them express their needs and frustrations.


Motor Skills

These essential developmental milestones work on physical strength and fine movements that help with future adaptive skills.

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Social Skills

Teaching social skills can help students learn communication techniques, how to express their feelings, how to take turns, and how to share.


Cognitive Development

Working on the flexibility of mind, visual-spatial skills and problem-solving skills will help boost your child's cognitive level and equips them with a better understanding of familiar concepts.

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Theory of Mind

Understanding and putting yourself in another person's perspective is an essential skill to understanding social rules.

Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist In Singapore

At Littlefoot Development Services, we take pride in our team of Early Intervention Therapists. We collaborate with children and parents to assist them in achieving their growth and development objectives.


We plan and implement strategies to support individuals with behavioural or developmental disorders in acquiring new skills.  We also work on addressing challenging behaviours, such as inattention to tasks, self-injury, aggression, and noncompliance.

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The ABA Therapy Process


We identify areas of need and areas of strength. This helps us to determine the child's current skills and what skills they lack.

Some assessments are based on developmental milestones, comparing the individual to their peers. Others are skill-based, relying on scores of observed behaviour.

Planning/Goal Setting

Specific and individualized goals are selected and an individualized plan is created.


Once the plan is established, the individual and/or family will receive personalized teaching through various formats, including but not limited to:

  • 1:1

  • Small Group

  • Parent coaching/training


Our qualified supervisors will monitor the treatment on an ongoing basis to track progress of the child.

Our Fee Structure

*All prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice

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