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Our Success Stories

Littlefoot are proud to share the successes of our intervention programs. Our programs have helped many children reach their developmental and educational goals, and we are always so grateful to be part of their journey. We’ve seen children who once struggled to communicate and interact with others, go on to become confident, successful students. Our experienced staff provides individualized instruction and support to ensure the best possible outcomes for each child. We invite you to read more about our success stories and learn more about our program.

LittleFoot really helped my then 7 years-old. He was very jumpy and found it hard to sit down and stay still. The behavior therapy and school shadowing helped him settle down in school and after a few months, he is doing great in school without any support. No unecessary labelling nor medication. He remains the energetic child we love.

- Marguerite Rossillon

The Little Foot team are super. It is uncommon to find experts in child development of this calibre in Singapore, with such talent, emotional intelligence and passion. If you are looking for the best in Singapore, this team is right there at the top.

- Junghoon Lee

It’s 1yr when we 1st engage Littlefoot service to support Little H development. Throughout the year Little H shows improvement in term of catching her attention, taking simple instruction etc. Ms Vini and team are able to accommodate our schedule.

- Guoliang Liang

We have been with Littlefoot for about 10 months. The therapists at Littlefoot are remarkable. They are very experienced with kids on the spectrum, always catering to the special needs of my son. With their structured lessons that are always be upgraded to suit my son's present level, my son has grown from a non-verbal kid who did not even know how to do puzzles to a kid who can write numbers and letters, say many words and now start making sentences. Littlefoot has made our journey of bringing up a kid with special needs much easier and less stressful. And most importantly, the therapists are very caring, always putting the kid's interest as top priority.

- Lujia 

Littlefoot has been our second ABA service provider for my son. They came highly recommended by our occupational therapist, which has being proven to be a great move for us. The ABA therapists are all highly educated ,kind and very experience. They work closely with the parents to ensure a credible plausible path is crafted for my child. They have been especially great with helping my son manage his behaviour while teaching him new skills to open his horizons. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a team that will sincerely want to help your child. As this is one of the top criteria for us when we started looking for professional help.

- Don Yap 

Hi , I had remarkable experience with the team for my child. The team is very experienced and work more as a family for you then only in professional capacity. Highly skilled in their diagnosis and execution of methods. The centre gives a very warm feeling and the social groups have been very effective for us as well as the home based sessions.

- Atika Agarwal 

HIGHLY RECOMMEND:) Nicole has helped both of my boys tremendously in every aspect from behavioural challenges, emotional struggles, tantrums, social skills, and even toilet training. She also helped train every family member in the household to properly manage the boys. We cannot imagine our lives without her and the team. The boys have changed more than we expected they would. She is very kind, pleasant to be with, and most importantly, patient with kids.
Her team are also professionals and friendly. Both private and group sessions are very helpful (schedule is flexible too!). We are extremely happy with the service.
My boys are very much looking forward to the next session:)

- Chana Sathirathai 

The team helped my kid a lot with self-help skills and behaviour management. If you feel lost figuring it out on your own, give them a call.

- Wei Wei Chew

My child has gotten into mainstream school because of their intensive intervention.
5 stars...We as parents could have not done it without LittleFoot.

- Hannah Xie

So thankful to Littlefoot Team for their dedication and support. They are very professional in children behavioural and understand the concern of us, the parents. I’m glad that I engaged with the team and detect the issue earlier. I feel grateful that my child has improved tremendously within a few months after enrolling the program with Littlefoot. My recommendation to fellow parents is that don’t stress yourself if you find difficulty in dealing with your child’s emotion or behaviour. Just have a discussion with Littlefoot team. You will find their advice and expert opinion worth your time and energy.

- Thandar

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