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Albion Potter

Behaviour Therapist

BA Psychology (AUS)

Albion, who has completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Murdoch University, combines academic excellence with practical experience to significantly impact the mental health field. His journey into psychology was deeply influenced by his upbringing alongside a special needs sister, fostering a keen sense of empathy and a dedication to supporting individuals with diverse needs.


Before joining the team at Littlefoot, Albion applied his skills and knowledge as a para-counselor, working closely with adults to navigate their emotional and psychological challenges. This role not only allowed him to put his theoretical learning into practice but also deepened his understanding of the complexities of human behavior and emotional well-being.


Central to Albion’s approach is the belief that every child deserves a mentor—a guiding figure to navigate the challenges of growing up, particularly for those on the autism spectrum.


Albion’s focus on early intervention and the importance of creating supportive environments is informed by both his educational background and his hands-on experience as a para-counselor. He is committed to leveraging his comprehensive understanding of psychological principles to foster environments where the unique potential of each individual is recognized and celebrated, and where neurodiversity is not just accepted but fully embraced.

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