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Clovy Kaixin Choo

Behaviour Therapist

BSc Psychology (MY)

BACB Registered Behaviour Technician

Clovy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honours from HELP University. She is a BACB certified Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT).


Clovy has worked with children from various developmental needs through her years as a special needs teacher. She has provided academic support and managed behaviours to equip them for school.


As a therapist, Clovy engages with the children cognitively and socially in a one-on-one and group setting. Clovy specializes in ABA, aiming to use these techniques to accelerate a child’s growth across various facets of needs. Having undergone intensive ABA training, Covy is well versed in the systematic execution and individualisation of intervention in a home and school setting.


Clovy is fulfilled when she sees children learning and improving through her expertise. She strongly believes that every little milestone achieved is her greatest reward.

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