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Jamie Lee

Behaviour Therapist

BA Psychology (US)

Jamie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with Honours from the University at Buffalo. Throughout her studies, she gained a deep understanding of various developmental delays and learning disabilities, expanding her knowledge in these areas.

During her time working in a preschool setting, Jamie had the opportunity to engage with children from diverse backgrounds. Her role involved providing academic and social support to both neurotypical children and those with additional needs. Jamie's experience allowed her to develop effective strategies to enhance the learning and social experiences of all children under her care.

As a therapist, Jamie plays a crucial role in guiding children in various settings. She facilitates peer interactions, offers academic support, and implements behavior management strategies to help children navigate their environment and achieve their goals.

Jamie firmly believes in the importance of early and active involvement in a child's developmental milestones. She is highly motivated to make a positive impact and assist every child in reaching their full potential. Her dedication and passion drive her to provide comprehensive support and encouragement throughout each child's developmental journey.

In her leisure time, Jamie enjoys exploring nature, appreciating the beauty of the outdoors and embracing the tranquility it offers.

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