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Munifah Amalia

Early Intervention Teacher

BSc Psychology (MY)

Munifah is a devoted early intervention teacher with a background in psychology, having earned her degree from Raffles University. Following her graduation, Munifah initially ventured into the exciting field of artificial intelligence (AI), where she gained valuable experience and insights in this cutting-edge field. However, her enduring passion for education soon led her to redirect her career towards special education.

Drawing on her three years of teaching experience in vocational schools for special needs, Munifah worked with both adolescents and adults. As an early intervention teacher, Munifah's expertise and compassionate approach have proven to be instrumental in creating a significant and lasting impact on the lives of these children and their families.

Munifah's dedication to education and her genuine care for individuals with special needs underscore her role as a dedicated advocate for inclusive and effective learning experiences.

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