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Rachel Cheong

Head Early Intervention Specialist / Behaviour Therapist

BSc Psychology (UK)

Rachel is an accomplished professional who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with Honors from the University of Nottingham. With her vast expertise in the field, she takes on the role of Head of Early Intervention at Littlefoot Developmental Services. In this role, Rachel takes charge of designing and implementing a highly individualized curriculum, meticulously tailored to align with the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (AEPS) framework.

Prior to joining Littlefoot, Rachel served as a head teacher in an inclusive school, where she showcased her exceptional abilities in catering to the diverse needs of students. As a special needs teacher, she skillfully planned and executed curricula that targeted specific skills, addressing areas such as attention, focus, sensory integration, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills.

Rachel's expertise extends beyond teaching as she also works as a dedicated therapist, providing one-on-one therapy to children with a wide range of special needs. She prioritizes establishing a strong rapport with her clients, allowing her to foster a deeper connection and better understand their individual requirements. Proficient in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Rachel consistently explores innovative and creative approaches to ensure her therapy sessions are effective, efficient, and meet the clear expectations set for all her students.

Driven by her belief in equal opportunities for all children, irrespective of their unique needs, Rachel actively advocates for creating an inclusive society. Her passion for inclusive education extends to her role as the Head of Early Intervention, where she strives to break down barriers and ensure that every child receives an individualized education that promotes their optimal development. Rachel's unwavering dedication and expertise contribute significantly to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where all children can thrive and achieve their full potential.

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