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Sharanya Rajendran

Case Supervisor/ Neurofeedback Specialist

BSc Psychology (AUS)

Sharanya Rajendran is a Program Director and Case Supervisor with Littlefoot Developmental Services. She holds a Bachelors in Psychology from James Cook University (Australia).

Sharanya has more than 15 years of experience in providing academic support for children with where she guides and motivates her students to strive above their academic potential distinguished needs. Sharanya has extensive experience working with children with various learning deficits such as autism, ADHD, ODD etc. Sharanya has successfully assimilated many children into mainstream schools.

As a Program Director, she devises individualised education programmes tailored to each child's ability and implements them with her team.

As a case supervisor, she works closely with families and schools to ensure every child gets an opportunity to integrate into mainstream society. Additionally, she equips parents and caregivers with sufficient skills and knowledge to support and manage children effectively.


Sharanya firmly believes that each child deserves an opportunity to excel. and goes above and beyond to ensure each child has his/her best shot at achieving their potential.

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