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Sharon Tan

School Shadow Therapist

Dip Counselling and Psychology (SG)

Sharon has successfully completed a Specialized Diploma in Counselling and Psychology, demonstrating her dedication to enhancing her skills and knowledge in the field. Moreover, she has further enriched her expertise in Early Intervention through her training with SSI.

With her vast experience, Sharon has had the opportunity to shadow children in mainstream Primary and Preschool environments. This hands-on experience has allowed her to work closely with children who have a variety of developmental delays and require behavior management in social settings. Collaborating with a team of behavioral analysts, Sharon actively contributes to the implementation of behavior management strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of each child she shadows.

Sharon's passion lies in working with children with additional needs, and she finds great fulfillment when she witnesses the progress of the children under her care as they become independent learners. She firmly believes in the immense potential every child possesses and is dedicated to helping them unlock their abilities, reach their goals, and surpass expectations.

Sharon's unwavering belief in the potential of every child serves as a guiding principle in her work. She is driven by a sense of purpose and is committed to supporting children in achieving remarkable heights in their development.

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