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Simha Cheyon

Shadow Support Therapist

Dip Psychology (SG)

Simha holds a diploma in psychology and is currently pursuing undergraduate degrees in psychology and criminology at the University of Murdoch. His prior experience involved providing invaluable assistance to friends and family members facing unique challenges.

Simha is wholeheartedly dedicated to the concept of early intervention and strives to ensure that each child receives the requisite support and care. He is well-equipped with tools such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, among others, to facilitate the optimal development of children under his care.

Simha firmly believes in the individuality of each child's developmental journey and is resolutely committed to guiding and supporting them. He places a strong emphasis on the role of the child's environment and interpersonal interactions, particularly during their formative years.

Drawing from personal experiences involving developmental delays, Simha is deeply motivated to utilize his acquired skills to assist others. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds enjoyment in sports and maintains a steadfast belief in the profound connection between physical activity and mental well-being. Simha is a strong advocate for grit, firmly believing that with dedication, perseverance, resilience, patience, and a refusal to give up, any goal can be achieved.

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