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Vinitha Vincent Henry

Case Supervisor / Counsellor

BSc Psychology (AUS)

MSc Guidance and Counselling (AUS)

Vini graduated with a Masters in guidance and counselling and holds a degree in bachelor of arts, Psychology from James Cook University, Australia. Through her passion to work with children of different needs, she attained a certificate in Autism from ARC ( Autism resource centre).


Vini has worked in various inclusive preschools as an intervention specialist who assists children with learning difficulties and social adjustment needs in classrooms and other settings. Vini is trained in the Applied behaviour analysis approach and the Teacch structured learning approach; she has worked with children for over ten years. Vini specialises in developing positive behaviour techniques to drive behaviour modification and emotional regulation.


As a program director and case supervisor, she designs and executes individualized programs based on children's various needs and abilities. Vini also coaches parents in managing challenging behaviours.


As a counsellor, Vini has worked with children experiencing a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties. Vini's goal as a counsellor is to bring about effective change and enhance every child's mental wellbeing.

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